World Kitchen

Would you also like to enjoy a delicious and fresh meal from the World Kitchen?

On every second and fourth Friday of every month from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

we offer a warm evening meal at Speeltuin Westerkwartier in an international atmosphere. All meals are cooked for you with lots of love by volunteers from the Leiden Migrant Support Desk!


The dish of the week is announced every second and fourth Friday of the month

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To prevent food waste, guests can reserve a table via:

Call / WhatsApp 0685887463/06831550943

The price  :

A delayed hot meal, drinks and so on.

The postponed hot meal where someone buys a hot meal, cup of coffee, beer and so on in advance for someone who cannot afford it. So you don’t know in advance exactly who you are ordering for.


You can transfer your donation to NL87 SNSB 0339 4845 27. LSM Foundation in Leiden,

quoting: world Kitchen – Empowerment space.


Playground Westerkwartier

Ten Katestraat 10A

2321 AW Leiden