Education bridge

The Education Bridge project offers free tutoring and personal attention to younger migrants. We build a bridge between their school education in the country of origin and their education in the Netherlands. We do this by offering free tutoring and thus supporting their learning process in education.


Small children can often adapt quickly to new situations, but young people (10-19 years old) have often built a life in their country of origin that they have had to leave behind. They have to learn new rules, communicate in a foreign language and find a new place in the group. Some have also missed a number of years of school or have difficulty with the differences between the school system in the Netherlands and the way of teaching in their country of origin.

What are we doing?

In this project we help children and adolescents between 10 and 19 years old, whose education has been interrupted due to migration or flight, by offering free tutoring. We currently offer assistance in mathematics, biology and languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish), but we adapt the tutoring to the needs of the student.

We tutor in small groups so that young refugees and migrants can participate in school without feeling overwhelmed and can grow their self-confidence. In the future we also hope to provide information to parents about going to school in the Netherlands. In addition, we work with the parents to check whether the young people’s learning process is going well.

The project is carried out by volunteers from the Leiden Migrant Support Desk with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. We currently supervise 15 children. We are always looking for more volunteers. Would you like to tutor? Please contact us!

How do you register for the tutoring?

Young people or their parents contact us.

The Education Bridge mentor then has an intake interview with the child and his parents to see what their needs are and to see what they encounter in the learning process.

Teacher and student are matched. Please note: due to limited capacities, it may sometimes take a while to connect each other.

The lessons take place at one of the following locations:

“House of the Neighborhood The building” Aruba pad 2. 2315 VA Leiden (On Tuesday evenings)

Playground Westerkwartier, Ten Katestraat 10- A, 2321 AW Leiden (Thursday evening and Friday afternoon)


Coördinator: Angie Fidder