Leids Steunloket Migranten

Together as a human family

About Us

Together as a human family

Who are we?

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants (LSM) is a multicultural, humanitarian, social organization that answers questions in the areas of immigration law, legislation, material legal status, humanitarian practical legal social issues and social and medical support. We focus on newcomers, refugees, regular migrants (family members, labor migrants, family migrants or study migrants) and undocumented asylum seekers.

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‘Together as a human family’ is how we see the world at Leiden Migrant Support Desk (LSM). With our work we connect people regardless of background, age or status. We can’t do it alone and you can support us. Do you want to become friends?


Have you ever asked yourself: What can I do to change the world? Start here, volunteer with us! Utilise your skills, tap into your passion, and deliver an impact for Leiden and those in need.