Multilingual debt and financial distress hotline

At LSM we have already set up a multilingual walk-in consultation hour and an energy helpdesk. Both initiatives attract people who are struggling with debt or living below the poverty line and are looking for help.

Why this initiative?
In these times of increasing inflation and poverty, including energy poverty, it is crucial to continue to offer a positive perspective in our multicultural society. We want to reach people who are struggling with financial problems due to a language barrier as early as possible, so that debts do not increase
unnecessarily. From this idea, the idea arose to create a multilingual debt hotline, with the aim of having a significant impact on poverty reduction.

Our collaboration

Many of our clients experience language and cultural barriers, which makes it difficult to refer them to regular support agencies such as Schuldhulpmaatje. At LSM we spoke with Schuldhulpmaatje, Humanitas and the Diaconal Center Leiden to discuss the language barrier in supporting clients and to develop an action plan.

Our vision

At LSM we work from a positive mindset. We believe in our clients’ ability to take the necessary steps and find valuable solutions to their financial problems. This project will be a valuable addition to our society and will strengthen our collaboration with Schuldhulpmaatje, Humanitas and the Diaconal
Center Leiden.

Objectives of the Debt and Financial Distress Reporting Center
Recent research by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) shows that poverty in the Netherlands is likely to increase in the coming years. It is therefore more important than ever to work together to tackle poverty.
Our objectives are:
Multilingual Reporting Center: A reporting center for debts in various languages, including Dutch, English, Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya, French, and Turkish.

Strengthening Self-Reliance: Translating legal and financial concepts and expressions to promote self-
– Reach of Target Group: Reach as many groups and multilingual migrants in Leiden as possible.
Preventing Debts: Preventing debts and working with clients to find solutions to their debt problems.
– Lobby Team: Formation of a lobby team with working partners to early identify and influence
decision-making that causes financial debt problems.
– Alliance: Form an alliance with working partners, funds and organizations to tackle debt problems
and poverty early.

Join us and help us make a difference in the fight against debt and poverty in our multicultural
society. Together we stand stronger!