Social catering network is an initiative created through the collaboration of world kitchen of the LSM and playground Westerkwartier.

Social catering was founded during the social isolation during the corona COVID-19 period in 2020. During the corona we had to deal with strict measures that caused restrictions for many people. At that time we had great activities with our volunteers and we delivered delicious hot meals to many Leiden residents.

After the corona times, this project developed to focus on organizations and collectives, and friends and parties and collaborating partners, those who coloured them parties with various flavours, from the Mediterranean, from Greek, Italian flavours to Mexican, Spanish flavours and much more Central East contains oriental flavours.

Looking for social catering for your family, team, friends, collective or organization? Through social catering, we can provide catering for 100–400 people at an affordable rate.

With your order we can: Free legal advice, provide free tutoring and stimulate academic research in legal, social and cultural areas.

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