14th June Event Summary

Last Friday (June 14) we experienced an evening of connection, inclusivity, knowledge exchange and
culture mixes. The evening started with a flying start: a taste sensation provided by our talented chefs
from World Kitchen, including vegetable soup, falafel, vegetables and dessert. This delicious meal was
musically accompanied by lovely songs by our friends Aad and Bas.
But that wasn’t all! We also enjoyed a surprise visit from the 3 October Association, who treated us to
delicious herring and a fascinating story about the celebration of the Relief of Leiden. A special thanks
to them for this contribution!
We also presented the results of our energy-saving DIY campaign. Our goal was and remains to
implement practical measures that contribute to energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions in our
The presentation of the DIY campaign was followed by a word of thanks from the esteemed Yvonne
van Delft, councilor for Energy, Work and Income and Culture. We would like to thank the
municipality of Leiden and the housing association “Ons Doel” for their efforts and good cooperation.
We look forward to continuing to build on our objectives in the upcoming DIY campaign with the
Sleutels housing association.
We are extremely grateful to Aaron and Zaher for their preparation and presentation in both Dutch
and Arabic on the theme of energy transition for everyone. Their efforts ensured that the information
was accessible to our diverse audience. Transferring knowledge and stimulating discussions are
among the core values of the LSM. This evening was a good example of this: it was fun and
The program was interactive, including a quiz and table discussions. Our thanks go to the local
organizations Coöperatie Energiek Leiden, the Dutch Association for Vegans (NVV), Zon op Leiden,
Repair Café and the Leids Migrant Support Desk (LSM) for their fascinating pitches and conversations.
Upcoming Activity: Energy Transition for Everyone (Friday evening, July 5)
We invite everyone to participate in our upcoming multilingual evenings on energy transition. The
next one will take place on Friday, July 5. Then we organize an evening in which the information is
offered in both Persian and Dutch.
At LSM we are ‘cultural mixers’: our projects contribute to the construction of a modern, multicultural
society. We promote interaction between different people and cultures. In times of crisis, polarization
and loneliness, we act as a social buffer. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to create
social change.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our information evenings. Together we
build an inclusive and diverse community and work towards a civilized future where everyone counts!
Join us and celebrate the power of diversity and collaboration with us.