Board & Confidential Advisor

The LSM board of volunteers ensures that the objectives of the foundation are pursued and the activities are carried out properly.


The confidential advisor is the point of contact for volunteers, administrators, customers or other contacts of the LSM who have unpleasant experiences in the collaboration with each other or with the LSM.

Everything that is discussed with the confidential advisor is confidential. Action is only taken with your permission.

The confidential advisor is not a member of the board.

The LSM board consists of:

  • Chairman: Saba Alhatra
  • Treasurer: Suzan Alkanbar
  • Secretary: Aaron Pereira
  • Full power of attorney director: Rayan Younis


Suzan Alkanbar, Aaron Pereira


Rayan Younis, Saba Alhatra


Mevrouw Iris Katariina Jongejan